Deals Deals Deals: It’s that time of year!

Travel deals pop into the market and out of it. Whilst most of our travellers are interested in the type of arrangements and tours we customise they also vary how they travel. Sometimes a ‘flop and drop’ beach holiday is a ‘between the big treks’ type break. Some even indulge a cruise on larger cruise boats rather than expedition cruise boats.

We can’t ignore some of the deal around at the moment, both airline and cruise line! Naturally, not every seat, or cabin is available for what they advertise and if yuo decide to take advantage what space there was may be gone on the date that most suits you. BUT you never, never know you might be lucky!

Thai Airlines to Europe – the * means inc taxes.

Thai Airlines Europe – the * means inc taxes.

British Airways to UK/Europe

Cruise Alaska

Carnival Cruise last minute ‘Pack and Go’ – January.


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