Trying to reduce costs for travel in Europe/ Choose your countries and save!

Every bit of money counts when travelling unless you’re a member of the brat pack/the haves who can fork over 17 euros (AU$27) for a cheese pizza without making a dent in their daily travel budget. For the majority of us, travel funds are a precious commodity that takes months, even years to build up, and although we like to loosen the purse strings a little while travelling, we don’t necessarily want to waste most of our money on food, alcohol or coffee.

Some of us like to spend smart whilst on holidays, although that can difficult when visiting some of the world’s priciest countries such as Iceland, Switzerland or Norway.

Fortunately, Eurostat has done a little study to see where money goes further in Europe and found Turkey to be the cheapest continent-wide. The country was followed by North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Romania.

Fellow money-conscious friends, see below for the full list of European countries where you can live a little without going into a personal recession:

1. Turkey

2. North Macedonia

3. Bulgaria

4. Bosnia

5. Romania

6. Albania

7. Serbia

8. Montenegro

9. Poland

10. Hungary

11. Lithuania

12. Croatia

13. Slovakia

14. Czechia

15. Latvia

16. Estonia

17. Malta

18. Greece

On the other side of the spectrum, Iceland came out as the most expensive European country, followed by Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and Finland.

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