Travel Insuarance and current coronavirus situation

We know many people are checking their travel insurance. We area assisting many and also trying to keep up with changes in this area as well.

Many insurance providers exclude epidemics and pandemics – before this current situation happened.

Most now exclude it as it is a, ‘Known Event’.

There are a very small number of insurance providers that still allow the corona virus situation to be covered – naturally, with a surcharge. The following article gives more detail. yes, it is from an Australian perspective, but you will find similar conditions all over the world. We know that certain other countries can offer insurance with cover for known events, France is one example (at time of writing :). The NIB insurance link you see on our blog front page did offer (prior to known event) cover for such a virus outbreak. Please contact us if you wnat the insurance that will still cover the event.  Read Article

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