Some good news at last!! The Train Santa has released some presents for 2019 train travel in Europe.

Well, St Nicolas Day has passed, so presents are not early from a European perspective! Now includes Great Britain (will this survive if Brixit happens?).

This is the biggest shake up with Eurail in years!!

No need to rush, but do put this into your planning and contact us for more details.

5 things to know

  • All Global Pass prices are being permanently slashed by up to 37%.
  • Global Passes issued from 1 January 2019 will enable travel to and across 31 countries, including Great Britain.
  • No more Select Passes and removal of Eurail Saver Passes – it’s now an easier choice between cheaper Global Passes or Single Country Passes.
  • New 3 day Global Pass added for shorter itineraries.
  • PLUS: save an extra 10% with new senior discounts (60+), and the choice of cheaper 2nd class travel, on all Eurail Passes.

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