How to Be Prepared for compulsory COVID Screening if/when you travel

As our readership is worldwide you may be able to travel. Many, within Australia and New Zealand may be able to travel due to exemptions, or having a non citizen passport.

Many airlines are and will instigate compulsory pre flight Covid tests and carry documentation to state this. To many people this will be a reminder of the yellow vaccination booklet that was a required document in years gone by. We are sure it will become as valuable as your passport in the future. This link provides details for those in Australia and where they can get a commercially approved test for travel purposes. Check with your local health department, or airline contact, for similar operations in your own country.

This all assumes you can find a flight and then afford that flight. A recent check for the next available flight from Auckland to Sydney (in October) came back with an indicated fare of A$11,400, one way and included stopovers in Malaysia and China. We are sure many will have heard from the media about the problems with people finding affordable flights from Europe/UK and some parts of Asia.

This situation will change in the future and so one needs to be prepared for this extra step required for travel.

There was a recent high profile billionaire who flew from the UK to Australia.. British billionaire television host, Lord Alan Sugar, revealed on Twitter last week he had secured a seat on an Emirates flight from London to Sydney. Usually, Sugar flies by private jet.

Sugar tweeted:

I’ve not traveled on a commercial airline for 25 years. Yesterday I traveled to Sydney with Emirates I have never experienced service like it in all my life. It was fantastic. both on the ground and in the air. Amazing. For the skeptics it was fully paid for not free.

How Emirates must have loved that comment! Sugar added that he had to wear a mask and insisted he would be doing 14 days quarantine on arrival in Sydney – but the news nevertheless provoked surprise and indignation.

“I admire you Lord Sugar but it might be better to keep quiet,” one person tweeted. “People like myself are desperate to be able to get in to Australia. I have a daughter and three grandchildren who need help in Adelaide. Borders closed two weeks before my flight in March. Celebs before family!!!”

Editors Note: Lord Sugar, or as a commoner Alan Michael Sugar, was the founder of AMStrad computers – AMS being his initials and Trad coming from trading – he used to sell stuff out of the back of a van in London markets. This writer was weaned on an Amstrad in the UK. He could afford the seat, well cabin as I am sure he travelled first class.

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