Free Doha stopover if booked by 31 January for travel up to 30 April

+Qatar is a unique programme designed by Discover Qatar, a division of Qatar Airways, and the Qatar Tourism Authority. It’s an exciting opportunity for transit passengers to turn a layover into a stopover and have two holidays in one.

Qatar Airways transit passengers can explore Qatar with a range of stopover options, including a free hotel stay and a low cost surcharge two-night stay offer. A chance to discover Doha; combine it with city tours, a desert safari adventure, museum visits, or a dinner aboard a traditional dhow to truly experience and enjoy Arabian hospitality.

Qatar Airlines have improved their past weakness, cabin service. This editor has experienced (in 2016) both extremes – the good the bad and the ugly – ie inconsistency between crews. Passport Travel has used Qatar Airlines with several groups since and the feedback from clients shows that this is not an issue now. We also acknowledge than when (in 2016) this problem was raised with the airlines Australian sales team they admitted that they knew this was a problem and that action as being taken. Admitting is a positive step! The airport is the smaller cousin in the Gulf region and thus a lot less hectic than Dubai. Services within the airport are overpriced, same as others in the area, but it is modern, clean and well designed.

Whilst todays Doha does exhibit a lot of the, ‘Glitz and Bling’, synonymous with the region, it also has art collections that differ from its neighbours. It also has a foodie culture, highlighted each year with a food festival.

Enjoy the full Qatar experience in five easy steps:
1. Book a Qatar Airways ticket, with a transit* in Doha.
2. Check your customer’s eligibility for visa-free entry into Qatar^.
3. Book your hotel stay – choose from one of two packages:
 +Qatar Free Stopover – 1 Night
One complimentary night’s stay from a selection of +Qatar hotel partners.
 +Qatar Ultimate – 2 Nights
Book a two-night stay in a 4- or 5-star hotel to explore Doha. A booking fee of USD100 per
room is applied.
4. Add any Discover Qatar tours or packages (optional).

Call us to organise flights, or use our online booking website, then contact us for the free stopover.

As with any hotel in the world try not to book a room above a 5th floor – this being the maximum height a fire engine ladder can reach, unless you have, or the room supplies, a smoke face mask.

To see a bit of what Doha has to offer view this Time-lapse video.

You can also read about and view an article about one aspect of Doha’s art scene.

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