For more than 100 years, Mario’s on Arthur Avenue has maintained the culinary traditions of New York’s early Italian settlers.

There are two areas of New York that can claim the title of a ‘Little Italy’. The most well know location is in ‘Lower Manhattan’, but this has become overrun with tourists and lost its charm. We suggest the Bronx are as portrayed in this article. Whilst an Italian restaurant in San Francisco can probably lay claim to the being longest continuously operating restaurant in the U.S.A,, Marios in New York holds the claim to be the oldest Pizza based restaurant. It started as pizza only in 1919, but now offers a full range of Italian cuisine along with its famed pizza.

According t those who know (our staff member who comes from the Bronx) Mario’s makes pizza in the true Italian style rather than the much altered ‘American Pizza’ which is dominant in chain stores both in the U.S. and many other parts of the world. read more about Mario’s here.

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