Flying and Travel When Pregnant

The following article outlines some pertinent points related to flying when pregnant. Airlines do have rules and most try to enforce those rules. However, one does hear news of sudden births on flights and generally those are people who have flouted the guidelines, possibly trying to ensure their child is born elsewhere!

This writer has personal experience, not the mother, but as the attending husband! We still say that our son can add Spain to his country list as he was there when his mother was 6 months pregnant! He still likes paella, so there is a residue influence 🙂

I can attest to the fact that a self drive holiday in Andalusia (we were living in the UK at that time), using local pensions and exploring all manor of castle and ruins is doable when pregnant, with the assistance of a partner.


On another occasion this writer was driving overland through Africa and one Landcruiser had a family of, Mum, Dad and two kids – mum was 6 mths pregnant with the third! They made it to Europe OK!

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