Flanders Fields Belgium 2020 and Ghent Masterpiece


The incredible 100th year commemorations of WW1 and the battles in the region of Flanders is over. However, for history buffs the theme now is looking at the rebuilding of the towns, villages and commerce of the region. This all started moving in 1920, as did pilgrimage tourism by members of families who had lost loved ones in the area. Visiting now it is hard to reconcile just how stunning the rejuvenation was. This editor was impressed as he recalled his grandfathers description of walking past the destroyed Great Cloth Hall.

Read about the commemorative year here.


Ghent also has a them running – only an hour from Ypres. For those that saw the movie – The Monuments Men, or read the book the most stolen art work of WW2 was the Ghent Alter Piece by Van Eyck. The masterpiece has been fully restored and even those that have seen it before (as this editor has) will need to revisit.

This the commemorative year of Van Eyck

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