European Travel – Delay or commit to plans?

We have always taken a pragmatic view as regards traveling during the current pandemic. It is in our interests that people do travel again, but has that time actually arrived?

Our continuing thoughts, related to Europe, are to say, not yet, unless you have to travel for a family emergency, or work commitments. We were about to craft up some words, but the following article published in Traveller says all we wanted to say about travel to Europe.

We agree, plan and consult, but don’t, at this point in time commit large amounts of money. Yes, most travel services now offer less onerous refund policies, but the time to process is still a factor. In addition, who can guarantee that a particular hotel will actually be operating in June 2023?


In addition, as we have highlighted within previous articles travel insurance is still an evolving product. Many readers may have seen recent media reports covering travel insurance from an Australian and New Zealand perspective. Whilst medical cover, as a result of a covid problem, is covered, closure of borders is not! A strange twist is that if you were, as an EU resident, buying travel insurance to come to Australia you would get border closure cover. We know this because of travel office has recently done flight tickets for Australians based in Germany making a Christmas period visit to Australia. What baffles this writer is that, in the end, all insurance comes back to the big underwriters based in London, Frankfurt and New York. The insurance companies contracting financial cover, from underwriters, then set the terms of their policies. It seems that cover (from a financial perspective) is available, but Australian and New Zealand insurance companies deem it too expensive to include. Naturally, as time progresses this area should evolve and ultimately cover most aspects. Another reason to wait.

Read Article here.

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