Best value air routes, per state, revealed

Sorry to our non-Australian based readers, but this is an interesting analysis and I am sure it would replicate in other competitive markets. This really does show how economical flying has become.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, look no further than these destinations…

New data has revealed the best value air routes for Australian travellers, based on cost per kilometre – and it’s no surprise that the most cost-effective paths are also the most popular. According to the research, which was released by, New Zealand offers the best value for Sydney and Melbourne travellers, with Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Wellington the best-value routes for Australia’s biggest cities.

With flights between Sydney and Auckland averaging $0.17 per kilometre, and Melbourne and Christchurch averaging just $0.16 per kilometre, it’s little wonder NZ remains a favourite with so many Aussies. For Brisbane travellers, another old favourite rules, with Bali flights averaging only $0.13 per kilometre.

In the west, Perth travellers can find the most bang for their buck in flights to South East Asia, with Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore beating WA favourite Bali for value. Interestingly, the best value air routes for those flying out of Adelaide are different again, with London, Los Angeles and Delhi most affordable.

“We’ve crunched the numbers to find the most cost effective flight routes for Aussie travellers and have uncovered some surprising results, with results varying from a short trip to Auckland, from a long-haul flight to London,”, KAYAK Global Hotels & Affiliates managing director, APAC, Hichame Assi said. Kayak analysed thousands of flights within Australia and abroad in its study.

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