New Tourism Fee for all tourists arriving in Thailand

this is becoming a growing trend. Venice recently became the first city in Europe to introduce an entry fee. Now Thailand is introducing a fee, ostensibly to cover some travel insurance issues. But, do note, it does not cover anything related to covid. Also, the insured amounts are not large and you still need normal travel insurance. Thailand, quite rightly, is annoyed with tourist arriving with no insurance.

A proposed 300 baht tourism fee meant to be introduced at the beginning of the year is now ready to launch, say Thai officials. The introduction of the fee was delayed due to the increase of COVID variants, The Thaiger reported.

The new arrival fee will apply to all foreigners “without exception” and will provide insurance coverage with a value of 500,000 baht for each person, up to 30 days, during their stay in Thailand.  The fee will be included in airfares for those arriving by air.

Passengers are still advised to have travel medical insurance despite the entry fee covering accidents, riots, terrorism, natural disaster or “other incidents” up to a value of 500,000 baht. There would be a one million baht payout in the event of death and cremation or funeral expenses up to 150,000 baht. Health, hospital or COVID expenses will not be covered.

According to The Thaiger, it is expected that the Cabinet will confirm the plan in the next month before going into effect some 90 days later. The Airlines Association of Thailand has already said the fee must be carefully implemented and explained so that foreign governments and travel agents don’t perceive the new fee as a negative factor for travelling to Thailand, The Thaiger reported.


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