Australia Releases its E Vaccine Passport For Travel

Following several previous articles about the upcoming vaccine certificate there has been a development for Australians. This new App follows the internationally agreed format and design. This is the initial Beta test version, but is the start on the new road of travel!

In preparation for international borders opening, the Australian Government has launched an App to enable border officials to verify international vaccination certificates. The new application appeared in the Apple app store this week and was developed by the Australian Passport Office under The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Named after the tech it makes use of, the VDS‑NC app is in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s specifications. VDS-NC, which stands for Visible Digital Seal for Non-Constrained Environments, is designed to read QR code cross-border digital health certificates including COVID-19 vaccination and testing certificates.

According to the app’s page in the Apple Store, it was developed in conformity with World Health Organization guidance on digital secure vaccination certificates, and will be compatible with digital wallets and with COVID-19 travel apps such as the IATA Travel Pass.

The app can leverage the ePassport public key infrastructure (PKI) that ICAO member states around the world have been using since 2004,” the description says. “VDS-NC certificates are like a passport chip in QR format, with the same high level of security against forgery.”

The app can also be used by border officials if the government’s QR code-based international vaccine certificate is not ready by the time borders reopen. Its initial release authenticates VDS-NC vaccination certificates issued by Australia; however, future updates will authenticate VDS-NCs issued by other countries.

The government plans to roll out the new certificate by October, but it is still in its testing phase.

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