Historic Sydney Harbour Coastal Battery Network Hike

Whilst visiting Sydney there are many coastal walks. A special section was opened by park rangers during the special 2013 naval fleet review.

We descended into the underground labyrinth of the Victorian era harbour defence guns. These were built in 1879 following a perceived threat that the Russians were to invade!! Pesky Russians again! It seems moviemakers have used these caverns – Farscape and Water Rats were two productions mentioned.

These emplacements are beneath Georges Point and are part of Sydney National Parks. You can walk around above ground where there are also remains of the surface based coastal battery guns, but this underground area is not generally open. You would have to look at Sydney Parks website, or the local Mossman council site to see if anything special was happening during the time you visited.

I dread to think of the consequences on the health of occupants when these guns were discharged. The sound and shock wave would be immense!!

Bridge Head Gun Battery

The next point along towards North Head is Bridge Head and here you find the next stage of Sydney’s defence. You can walk along coastal walking paths between Georges Point (above) and here. You can then continue on to other bays eventually reaching Manly if you so wish.

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