Canada by R.V. That’s Campervan and Motorhome in other versions of English.

Brent and Elaine from Passport Travel have recently explored a portion of Canada by R.V. (Recreation Vehicle in local parlance) They travelled from Vancouver to Calgary via many stops through the Rockies.

Campervans help mitigate the costs of travel in Canada, which is not a cheap destination! Canadian, as with U.S. vans, are usually on the large size when you compare what Europeans, Australians and New Zealanders are used to. The van shown was second up the ladder in size and would be considered LARGE by those outside the Americas. We could not find availability for the smaller unit.

The van was very comfortable, the fridge/freezer being larger than some people would have in an apartment! Once one got used to weight and feel going around corners all was fine as regards driving. Being automatic and with a powerful V8 you never had problems. We were pleasantly surprised at how economical the vehicle was fuel wise when considering the weight and engine size. See end for van detail photos.

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