Naples Pizzafest

7 – 17 September Around this time period each year

The city of Naples celebrates its most famous food – PIZZA. Visitors and locals will have the chance to taste pizzas of various types and shapes. In addition, you can watch pizza makers showing off their dough-throwing skills with live music, dance and various other spectacles all here to enliven the festivities. For two weeks the centre of Naples is filled with irresistible smell of fresh Pizza and visitors have the chance to gorge themselves.

Pizza originated more than 300 years ago and is often thought of as “genuine Italian food” by non-Italians. However Pizza was not very well known in Italy (outside of Naples) until the 1970s. Nowadays, pizza is famous throughout the world, even if it sometimes hardly resembles the authentic Neapolitan dish.

In 2004, Italy drew up a rules prescribing how a real Neapolitan pizza must be. Firstly, the dough must rise for at least six hours and must be shaped by hand. Secondly, pizza must be round and not more than 13.7 inches in diameter. Thirdly, it must be cooked in a wood-fire oven with three versions only permitted: Marinara with garlic and oregano; Margherita with basil, tomatoes and cheese from the southern mountains; and the ‘Extra Margherita’ which must include buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region.

For Further information on the Naples Pizzafest please contact:

Phone +39 081 410 72 11

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