Greek Rebetika Music Culture Art and History Tour

A most unique tour – we do not know anyone who has combined the elements of Greek Music: Greek History and Art: PLF and ANZAC history into one tour programme. Led by a master of Greek Rebetika you will absorb a Greece that is not imaged by the cliche ruins and beaches. Yes you can still include these, but our tour will open Greece up and display many other aspects of this stunning country.


Experience over eight Live Rebetika Venues in Athens

Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

Museum of Greek Instruments

Intimate House Rebetika Concert

Visit local traditional and Rebetika Instrument makers workshops

Rebetiko Musicologists talks based in Athens

Experience the Old Athens Plaka and Acropolis

Piraeus and the Asia Minor Suburbs

Museum of the History of the Greek Costume

Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery

First Cemetery of Athens final resting place of Tsitsanis Bellou

Athens Flea Market and local record stores
The Acropolis and ancient Athens


Markos Vamvakaris Museum & SURROUNDS

Live Rebetika PERFORMANCES in Syros


Cretan Walking tour of old city and visit to the Heraklion Historical museum
Knossos – the Minoan city – earliest European civilisation.

Explore high into the Cretan Mountains ANZAC and PLF HISTORY – during the battle of Crete


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