Adventure Travel can be risky and anyone should be able to take those risks?

Through Southern Sudan 1981 – between wars 🙂

As we at Passport Travel are reasonably connected to adventure and special interest travel, risk evaluation is always close to ones mind. Some of our staff, by nature, have participated in some adventurous and risky activities – by choice.

Sadly, as the wold becomes more litigious, it seems that many commercial adventures are being curtailed, or modified. Risky excursions has been rather dramatically highlighted recently with the volcano accident at White Island New Zealand. Risk is currently front and centre in regard the corona virus – a different form of risk, but still within the bounds of a risk.. New Zealand is a crucible for adventure activity – after all it is where commercial bundy jumping was born! The following article spells out in a mathematical and scientific manner the bases behind risky travel. It is a long read, but worth taking the time.


Seeking air conditioning Somewhere in the Iranian Desert


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