We are based in Melbourne Australia and being human rather than humanoid we need to sleep occasionally. Therefore, a call during our 'daylight' hours, as opposed to our bedtime would be much appreciated. Phone and talk to flesh and bone from 0900am to 1800pm Monday to Friday. Some of us are working on Saturday, but this is a day when people make appointments to come and arrange more complicated travel plans. After hours and Saturday is possible once you are dealing with one of us and you are given a direct mobile phone number.

Phone number:
Country code = 61  Local code = 3  Number = 9500-0444
If calling from outside Australia dial
Time Zone: Melbourne is known as EST (Eastern Standard Time) which is GMT + 10.00
We enter daylight saving on the first Sunday of October each year = advance one hour.
We leave daylight saving on the last Sunday of March = fall back one hour.
Local time is now.

If calling within Australia call

Coming Soon
Video Conferencing coming soon