Elisabeth Franco Vale Viga
Or, Eli as she is known to all

Eli comes to us from Nantes in France where she was born to French parents of Portuguese descent. Raised in Nantes with annual journeys back to relatives on the Iberian peninsula she is a native 'Bilingual' speaker of French, Portuguese and Spanish. Of course English is there as well!

After working in France and Spain, along the way marrying a Spaniard, the two then migrated to Australia.

University of  Nantes

Department of Languages


Nantes - France


Vocational Master degree in Cultural Mediation and International Communication, Specialized in Spanish

  • Law, history, management and administration of cultural practices

  • Civilizations cultures: sociological and anthropological approaches.

  • Translator specialist of technical documents and correspondence.

  • International Exchange Program (University of Badajoz - Spain).

University of  Nantes

Department of Languages


Nantes - France

Bachelor of Foreign languages, Literature and Civilizations, Specialized in Spanish

  • Linguistic, grammar.

  • Literature and history of Spanish and Latin American civilization.

  • Translation French/Spanish and Spanish/French.

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