London Walks

Walking tours of London

Walking tours based around food! Think about it, you justify the food intake by the energy output related to the walking! Ideal situation! Don't listen to 50 year old stories about London's food, they are wrong! This editor found this to be the case when he lived there throughout the 1980's. Yes there were the 'greasy truckie breakfast places' and the horrific motorway restaurant stops with deep fried cutlery included, but I have found such things throughout the world! Anyway here is a great little tour to indulge!


London Walks
Free 'Do it yourself walks". Some will require energy and time, ie the Orbital London walk of 245km - the M25 for walkers. whereas others in the centre are less demanding!

Editors pick - the 'Thames Path'. I have doen this, used to live near a portion and know there are many stunning pubs along its enthralling route!

Jack the Ripper Tours

Do we need to make any comment?

London Loo Tours! Serious now!! - There was a time when Jack The Ripper walking tours were 'the thing'. Well these new tours are not your bog standard London walking tours. Starting at Waterloo and you are off, so to speak..

Blitzwalkers offers guided walks through selected parts of London where there is a rich tapestry of stories to be told about the London Blitz, whether these be stories of individual heroism, tragic occurrences or everyday life in London during the Second World War (WWII).