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Many of us believe that cycling and walking is the best way to explore new areas and to appreciate any country and its people. There is a real sense of achievement when you reach your destination and you also have an excuse to taste the local wine and produce without that ‘guilty’ feeling. So, next time you have a few weeks to spare why not go for a walking or cycling holiday far away from the noise of the city and modern day life's stresses.


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Enjoy a gentle stroll through the vineyards of the Dordogne in France, appreciate the loneliness of Scotland's West Highland Way, take delight in walking through the remote Mountains of the Moon in Africa or follow the colour coded paths in the European Alps.
  • Cycling and walking (soft to hard)
  • Family travel
  • City Cycling for quick visits

Family Cycling

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Walking and cycling in Europe can also be a family affair as was seen with Brent, Elaine, Daniel and Hayley in Europe. Here is 'dad Brent' (right of picture) keeping an eye on his 11 year old (at the time - the one in blue) riding through villages in northern Belgium. Talk to us about riding as a family.

Daniel (13 yrs at the time) cycling through Belgium towards the Dutch border. He is the one with the helmet on. Most Europeans don't wear helmets, but as the children were in Europe for the first time, with increased traffic levels and riding on the 'other side' of the road compared to Australia, helmets remained on their heads.

City Town Walking & Cycling

Amsterdam Auckland NZ Barcelona
Denmark Hoi An Vietnam Kaikoura NZ
Hamburg Chiang Mai Thailand Leipzig
Melbourne Moscow Nyaungshwe Myanmar 
Prague San Francisco 1San Francisco 2 Singapore
Sydney Seoul South Korea Trondheim Norway
Wellington NZ Paris Hong Kong
Portland USA Schwerin Germany Bristol (UK) Pirate Walks
Scotland Vang Vieng Laos Helsinki
Toronto   London

Training For Your Ride
As shown throughout history one trained hard. Ladies take note of the correct riding fashions