Campervans = Comfort and convenience

Campervans (Motorhomes R.V's) are one of the most popular methods to travel through New Zealand.

The convenience of having your vehicle and home as one, means that you can stop virtually anywhere in New Zealand, prepare a meal or snack and stay the night.
Campervans today are well designed with all facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. They are ‘walk in walk out’ as far as equipment and bedding is concerned and have an on board toilet and shower (unless otherwise stated).

Examples and stories of campervan travel in New Zealand

Travel to the classic fighter airshow and Kaikoura coast by campervan story

Travel up the through the Marlborough Sounds to French Pass by campervan


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Camping In New Zealand

Providing travellers with good information about camping in New Zealand is making a real difference to their behaviour, according to the New Zealand Responsible Camping Forum.

Campers are an important sector of New Zealand’s tourism industry, as they travel widely throughout the country, tend to stay a long time and spend money on a wide range of goods and activities.

Educational programmes, combined with a new fines regime, has resulted in more campers staying in holiday parks, Department of Conservation campsites and other designated areas, Forum Chairman and Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) Advocacy Manager Geoff Ensor says.

The Forum brings together New Zealand’s leading campervan companies, the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association, local government representatives, government agencies and tourism organisations.

The Forum is behind the ‘Where can I camp?’ campaign which provides camping information to travellers hiring campervans or wanting to camp in New Zealand. It has also developed the  website which offers comprehensive information on camping in New Zealand.

“Most visitors want to do the right thing, but they need to have good information that clearly shows where camping is acceptable. Doing the right thing doesn’t happen by chance,” Mr Ensor says.

The Forum’s work over the past four years has focused on giving visitors better information and achieving a united understanding of how to better manage camping around the country. Most of New Zealand’s major vehicle rental operators are giving responsible camping information to their clients, and the information is also available online, in car yards and on backpacker notice boards.

For the second consecutive summer, the Forum is working with the Inter-Islande ferry companies handing out responsible camping brochures to campers crossing Cook Strait.

The  website is receiving about 60,000 hits a year, and the most viewed pages are those carrying regional information.

The Freedom Camping Act passed last year allows councils to fine campers who ignore the rules, although the Forum is keen to see fines used as a last resort.