18th Century Sailing

Replica HMB Endeavour

Captain Cooks famous world exploring square rigger!

In March 2012 Brent sailed from Portland (Victoria Australia) to Hobart in Tasmania via the Southern Ocean and the Wilderness West Coast of Tasmania.
He chose to cruise in style, 18 century style in fact. Rather than taking the standard 'hammock' berths he was on waitlist for many months to secure one of the four 'Gentlemans' cabins.

Being originally from Christchurch New Zealand he chose the cabin of Joseph Banks - think 'Banks Peninsula'. In addition he has always loved sailing and in particular boats with traditional rigs. Some past associations with sailing.

There were numerous highlights, robust and blustery to stunning weather, whales, seals, birdlife, great food and company.

One was kept active with ropes, climbing, standing watch and helping in the galley. Yes and you PAID to do this work!

What a business model - sectors sell out within days of email notifications. Waitlists can take five months to clear, if they ever do. Everyone works the boat and pays to do so!

Endeavour was in Melbourne for 12 days open to the public in museum mode. The ship sailed for Eden on 02 April where it will again stop and be open to the public. from there the ship will make its triumphal return to Sydney after 13 months at sea!

Portland (Victoria) to Hobart (Tasmania)

Moored for a night in Port Davey in the Wilderness Coast of Tasmania. Find me a normal cruise boat that has been to, or will go here!!
Seven days walking with a backpack, or a boat - your choice!
It wasn't all smooth sailing. Safe enough to now bring the camera on deck, but was 'more robust' beforehand. Hard to see, but still a LARGE swell running. This is an 'active' cruise. You PAY for the right to work on her!! No tyre kickers on these cruises I assure you!

Arrival Melbourne

Entering the channel for Melbourne harbour 16/04/2012 With top masts lowered and at low tide she had 5 meters spare! Under the Bolte Bridge and cannons firing!
Escorted by Melbourne's own Enterprize

Berthing up for the public viewing in Melbourne's Victoria Harbour.

1st Class Cruising 18c Style

18c Mess (dining) area and where hammock crew slung their hammocks for sleep. My 18c 1st class cabin. Joseph Banks cabin attached to the 'Captains Great Cabin! The 'settee' in the Great Cabin. Real, 'windows with a view'!

The real reason we do it! To play at 'Big Boy Pirates'!!

Yes, the cannons are real! Exact replicas. Brent is standing behind the smoke!