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Flight Simulator Experiences Around the World

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Germany! Forget sightseeing the Castles, or sampling the beer!
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Bangkok. Do you have a stopover and want something that does not involved shopping!

Want to know more about the history of Australian Airlines?

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Surviving V2 Rockets

You might be in a city where you can see this historical and infamous rocket. From the devastation of NAZI Europe to landing on the moon this is the common link.

Kuala Lumpur: Another Asian stopover city that offers the chance to fly simulators. This one is different to the Bangkok option as it is actually in the Malaysian Airlines Training Centre so the simulators are not 'fixed' but are the full simulators that mimic attitude, takeoff and braking by using hydraulics to move the simulator cabin about.

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Flying Tigers Restaurant

45-48 Xiangyun Jie, Kunming, Yunnan China
Phone: (0871) 3169788,3332993

Located in the old headquarters of the legendary Flying Tigers, this restaurant serves authentic Yunnan and Cantonese dishes in a dining environment that revives the spirit of Kunming in the early 1940s.


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Paul from our office watched the break down of a Mirage after the Victory Day parade in Paris

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We all hear about how bad parking is in Paris. Where to squeeze a Jaguar.