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We are a 'one stop shop' for all your train tickets and rail passes that can be purchased, or reserved in advance. We have secured tickets to some exotic destinations and our 19 years of operating Trans Siberian Railway packages shows we can know how. In addition, we can book internal Chinese rail. Contact us for all the classic European and American rail passes and routes.

See Picture box below for link to our online timetable site. NOTE: we do not enter the data to this site. It is done by a central rail system. Some changes may not be reflected instantly. 99% accurate and any changes will be notified to you when booking.
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Within our office we have all rode the railways of the world and covered 1000's of kilometers. From the dusty hardship of slow African rail to the sleek opulence of the Glacier Express in Switzerland, one of us has done it!


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“Care for the environment, travel Eurostar”

A small reminder that rail travel is better than flyinh when it comes to CO2 emissions. Travel to the heart of Paris with the Eurostar as seen on Getaway. The CO2 emissions from a Eurostar train on a London Paris sector are 5.4 kg as opposed to 67 kg on a flight between London and Paris.