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One of the great thrills, and souvenirs of travel, is not only the experience of different foods, sights and smells, but sounds. The author (Brent) of this text tries to collect a sample of local music from places he visits.  I have collected tapes/CD's, from Nepali flute players to African drummers.
'Jamming' (1979) and learning the Suz from the lead guitarist (Ohannes Kemer) of Turkeys top rock group - Kurtalan Express (1973-1977).  Mixing western music base with Eastern patterns. Fast forward a 'few years' and Brent still enjoys 'World Music'. recently he took the opportunity of plucking away behind some Naxi musicians in Yunnan China.


Over the last 20 years there has been a growth on the merging of western and 'other' genres of  music. Ohannes and I (above picture) were doing this in 1979! One of the first commercially successful examples would have to be the Ossibisa (African fusion funk/jazz) lbums from the very early 1970's and then Paul Simon with the album 'Gracelands'. From this point on there have been many examples where mainstream western artists joined foreign styles to their recordings. In addition, many of these 'foreign' artists recorded in their own right and the term 'World Music' now defines this genre.

A good shopping site for this style of music is via OXFAM. Naturally your dollar also does great work in developing nations. Whilst traveling purchase some musical recordings in the countries you are visiting. There is a high chance that these local artists are not signed to multinational labels and so your funds have a greater chance of staying in the region where you spend them.  Listen to the World
High up in the Immatong Mts Sth Sudan 1981 - between wars! An EU aid programme - tea plantation. So much productive work destroyed in later years. This young chap was playing the ubiquitous hand plucked harp type instrument.

World Music Venues

Every evening a jazz band performs for the listening pleasure of regulars and visitors alike. A true Parisian Swing Jazz venue.

Dance in the timeless tradition of Saint-Germain des Prés jazz with the best boppers in Paris. Whether you are just a Jazz-Lover, like to dance your socks off, or are a professional musician, the exceptional atmosphere of the club will remind you of the Cotton Club and the Savoy in the glory days. From 1946 the greatest jazzmen in the world have appeared regularly.

Long before 1551, the building bearing the N°5 on rue de la Huchette was the meeting place of both the" Rosicrucians " and the " Templers ", and in 1772 was transformed into a secret lodge. One approached it by way of rue de la Parcheminerie, rue de l'Hotel-Dieu and Petit-pont. This lodge was composed of two basement rooms one on top of the other, which served as meeting rooms. From that location two secret subterranean passages branched out, one leading to Châtelet, the other under the cloister of Saint-Séverin .

In 1789 and all during the revolutionary period, this building known as " Caveau de la Terreur " housed the" Club des Cordeliers " and " des Montagnards ". In the upper room, transformed into a public-house, one drank, sang and argued about " la liberté ". The principal members of the "Convention" could be found there (Danton, Marat, Saint-Just and Robespierre), and numerous trials were conducted on the spot (followed by peremptory executions). You will find there one after another, the court room, the prison, the place of execution. In the lower room, there still exists a very deep well, used to remove all evidence of the crimes committed there. These rooms are unquestionably authentic, historically accurate, and preserved in their original state.

The Cairo Jazz club
Takes from traditional jazz into the world of Arabic fusion jazz and sometimes beyond..
Kula Lumpur Jazz, Blues and World Music

The 'No Black Tie' is a small club built into an old house shop right in the centre of KL. Easy prices and intimate venue. Local stout available to!

World Music Festivals and Shows


Sarawak Rainforest world Music festival
Yes, we can assist you with accommodation, flights and other adventures in Malaysia such as climbing Mt Kinabalu.

Dynamic Yunnan Musical

Kunming City China. A world rated vibrant musical featuring a range of musical and dance traditions from the diverse range of ethnic groups that make up this province of China


World Music Tours

West African Music Festival Mali

South Africa and More

Blues tour to the U.S.A.

World Music Sights

The world’s biggest Beethoven Collection

For people around the world, the house in Bonn (North Rhine-Westphalia) where Ludwig van Beethoven was born is a special memorial site. The historical atmosphere takes visitors back to a bygone age as soon as they step into the inner courtyard. A subsequent tour of the museum’s twelve rooms conveys an impression of the great composer’s life and work. The museum houses 150 exhibits reflecting the philosophy, emotions and influence of this exceptional musician, making it the world’s biggest Beethoven collection. The exhibits are mostly manuscripts, pictures and musical instruments and they include Beethoven’s last fortepiano and the original manuscripts for the “Moonlight Sonata” and the “Pastoral Symphony”.

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An entire museum about
Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach’s House in Eisenach is a must for classical music fans. It was the first house in the world to be devoted exclusively to the famous composer from Thuringia. Visitors to the 600-year-old building get a wonderful overview of the creative work of this musical genius. The museum focuses on Bach’s biography, career and artistic output. Bach’s House also reflects the way the composer and his family lived in about 1700. The residential rooms on the upper storey contain period furniture, numerous artifacts, priceless musical instruments and well-preserved household items. In the instrument room, musicians play Bach’s works for visitors, who can then stroll in the small baroque garden. For many years, historians believed that Bach’s House in Eisenach was the house where the famous composer was born, but in fact he came into the world in another house in the town.

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Visit Zwickau Germany - why?

1) Birthplace and family home of Franz Schumann!!
2) If you are lucky the organist might be playing in the main church!!
3) The only public memorial to the famous Trabant car - factory now back to making VW's as it was pre WW2.


Amazing this small city has what it does have considering it was flattened during WW2. It had the vehicle factory and is in a direct line to either Leipzig or Dresden so received a lot of misplaced bombs as well!

Buddhist Monastery Music Sikkim India

Sampled on Passport Travels Photography tour to N.E India in 2012. Very different tonals to western music and magnificent acoustics inside these historical monasteries.

Clarinet style of woodwind

Classic horns!

Rhythm section


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