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Several of us within Passport Travel are passionate about photography when we travel.  I would imagine we are not alone in this direction!

Over time we will attempt to feature some of the more interesting photographic people, web sites and galleries orientated towards travel and outdoor photography. We do welcome suggestions from visitors to this site. Please forward any information to Webmaster.

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We also operate a growing range of small group photography orientated tours.
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NZ Photographers Picture Gallery
Pat Barrett - Outdoor and hiking.
Pictures Calendars and authored guide books.

Colin Monteath
Another New Zealander, but also with
extensive photography in Antarctica.

Phillip Game considers travel
photography hard work!

Winter Photography Tips

Stunning Street Photographer from China
this timing is pure genius!

Remarkable images of life on Chinese streets, but with a difference - acute timing! Read about his story and then view his image portfolio.

Liu Tao, a water meter reader in Hefei, Anhui Province, never imagined that the arc of his career would change so rapidly.

If it hadn't been for photography, he would have been a water meter reader his whole life. The job was mechanical and tedious: He had to walk up and down streets and alleys, knock on the doors of every neighbourhood, open water meters and write down numbers.

"Life was constraining. I wanted to be free," 32-year-old Liu told the Global Times.

For the last three years, he took advantage of the nature of the job and started to take photos as he moved through streets and alleyways. He took photos of average people, but unlike many street photographers who mostly reflected the suffering of their lives, Liu's pictures always evoked a sense of joy and humour.

He began uploading his photos online through photography websites or Weibo. The response was usually tepid, until recently, after a famous photography magazine reposted his photos via its official Weibo account. The strength of the public response surprised him greatly. In the matter of just a few days, his photos on Weibo were reposted more than 50,000 times and received over 20,000 comments, most of which praised his work.

Last month, he was also invited to stage a photography exhibition in Beijing, where he also won a prize, upping his media profile even further

Past and Present Masters of Travel Photography

Raghu Rai (1942–)

Rai’s coverage of the Indian subcontinent is unrivalled for its depth, breadth, and virtuosity of vision. At their best, his images are object lessons in intelligent composition. His approach shows the advantages of in-depth local knowledge.

Paul Harris (1956–)

Harris is one of the most travelled of contemporary photographers in the genre, unwaveringly socially conscious, and a generous teacher. His work is widely reproduced and he is in demand to accompany and record expeditions to all parts of the world.

Felice Beato (1825–1908)

One of the greatest travel photographers of all time, Beato journeyed throughout the Crimea, the Mediterranean, India, Japan, and Burma, photographing all the way and without pause. His 14-year record of Japan is the most important and complete of the country in that era.

Panoramic View of London

The 320 gigapixel snap is made up of 48,640 individual frames shot over three days using four Canon EOS 7D cameras. According to BT, it's the first time that an image of this magnitude has been attempted and it took several months to set it up and create it.

For that how-many-Olympic-sized-pools daft measurement moment, if the pic was printed out (on your gigantic printer) it would be 98m (320ft) across and 24m (79ft) tall, so nearly a "Buckingham Palace" then.

A rather humorous summary of 'Classic Travel Pictures'!!
Travel Photographer Extraordinaire