Wacky Sightseeing

We will list wacky sights to visit whilst on your travels. If you have suggestions and pictures then email us..
Some are not so 'wacky' but very different to the normal tourist sights encountered whilst travelling.

Strange Signs

All languages can be misspelt, or interpreted wrongly thus creating strange meanings to a native user of that language. English seems to one misused all over the world, a habit that has spawned many websites dealing with the inherent comedy of it all.

Then there are the innocent foreign, or in the case of the UK, U.S., Australia and New Zealand not so innocent, double meaning of a place, or town name. Someone has had the energy to create a web map of such oddities to the English Ear. There are many missing, as this editor has passed through others of linguistic notoriety! Anyway this is a good start for those who want a chuckle!

Other parts of the World.

Chon Buri, Thailand

The buffalo has been a mainstay in Thai farming life, but in this annual event they are put to more amusing uses than ploughing fields. Farmers from all over Chon Buri will bring their fastest buffaloes to challenge for the Chon Buri Buffalo Races. There is also a physical fitness contest, in which buffaloes are pitted against men, the colourful buffalo ‘fashion contest’, and the lively buffalo parade.


Nothing to do with the drink, this is an ancient Latvian festival marking the transfer from Usins (the god of summer) to Martins (the god of winter). The festival marks the end of the preparations for winter (the ‘soul period’) and the start of the masquerade season. It involves putting crosses on doors to ward off the powers of evil, ‘Martins chasing’, and amongst other things, rooster sacrificing.

Mirano, Italy

This is a town battle on a human-scale game of Snakes and Ladders, only the snakes have been replaced with geese. Six teams representing six neighbourhoods fight it out in traditional costumes, climbing up ladders and jumping over geese through 63 squares and over multiple obstacles. Celebrations last all weekend with markets, street entertainment and music.


The Lake Eyre Yacht Club