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Walk Across Europe

Hilary Bradt of Bradt Guide Books Publishing fame

Her 'Blog' website is a cleansing read

When I was young I could sleep on rocks, flat roofs and flea-ridden huts. And I could help a village of astonished starers to accept me as human rather than an alien. You had to, if you were to travel cheaply, adventurously and rewardingly. But now, given the choice Ė a genuine choice Ė Iím ashamed to say that I would choose comfort. I want a deep, hot bath rather than a cold shower; I seek tasty food rather than local sludge; I like to sit down on the loo, not squat precariously over a hole; and I love my soft bed. And Iím afraid I also tire of the effort of crossing those cultural barriers.

Bush Pilot Flying in Papua

Exciting stuff!!

Hidden London Sightseeing

As an ex London resident I consider this an excellent read!

Estonia Baltic States  Travel Blog for Estonia

Modern day Travel Adventurers

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

Modern day more extreme adventurer

Alastair Humphreys

Jane Wilson-Howarth Travel Doctor and Author Blog

My passion for wildlife began early. I used to smuggle roadkill into the house despite my motherís preference for flowers. A fascination with nature started with pond-dipping; while other girls were experimenting with makeup and exploring the impact on the boys of rolling up the wastbands of their skirts to show more leg, I was nerdily nose-down in our garden pond, learning about reproductive behaviour in minuscule cyclops and water-fleas. This interest grew and blossomed through hamster breeding and continued to evolve as I bagged a zoology degree from Plymouth. This was a perfect place for me to study because I learned to SCUBA dive there and also indulged in all possible water sports, including cave diving. I then organised an overland trip to Nepal. That first expedition provided my first astonishing glimpses of sub-tropical wildlife which made me enthusiastic about sharing the wonders of the natural world with others. Some authors have always known they would write, but that desire has rather crept up on me.

Travel gave me a particular loathing of leeches and parasites, as well as an indignation about inequality of access to health care. Ultimately this pushed me towards becoming medically qualified. My blundering language forays have made me privy to a wealth of fascinating cultural material some of which appears in my writing particularly on Nepal. Currently I am working on some new fiction; I have drafted a novel for adults and, so far, two eco-adventures for 8 to 12-year-olds. These days I live in East Anglia and work as a general practitioner for about 30-hours a week, which is "half-time". I am also medical director of the Cambridge-based Travel Clinics:

Travel and Travel Medical Blog

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