Travel Apps for Mobile Phones

Over time we will profile our selection of worthwhile travel Apps.
We also welcome suggestions from our readers.

If ever there was a 'rapid growth area' this would be one. Overall the number of Mobile Apps per se is increasing at such a daily rate that we doubt there is an accurate daily record of the increase. We are only intending to look at Apps related to travel and even this area is swamped! We will cheery pick and highlight Apps we have used, heard about from clients, or seen profiled (and been tested) at conferences, or from specific newsletters we subscribe to.

Hopefully this will help some of you to wade through this overwhelming world library we now have 24/7 access to.

As the use of smartphones and tablets with data capabilities continues to grow, we have chosen to highlight a few apps that other BackChat users have found particularly useful when travelling overseas.
It is worth noting that all apps that use data can be used either while connected via WiFi (such as at a hotel, Starbucks, etc) or via Mobile Data which uses the data service on you mobile phone or tablet. With WiFi it is either free or charged by the provider (venue), but does not use any of your normal data service from your SIM card credit, or phone plan. Accessing mobile data consumes your SIM card credits, or plan.

How secure is 'Free Wifi'.


ScenePast Americana offers a virtual road trip through all 50 states" -Mental Floss. Share, explore, & compare THEN & NOW over 600 nostalgic postcards celebrating America's most popular landmarks, beloved destinations, forgotten restaurants, memorable motels & quirky roadside attractions.
Delhi Expert

Going to India? Delhi in particular? All you want to know about Delhi and more ★ Delhi is one of the world’s more amazing and exotic cities with a thousand years of history on view. This guide leads you...

Australia's passport to events: Everguide App

Never miss a food or music festival again with the new travel iPhone App Everguide, the free App and online resource is your new mobile travel guide whilst travelling. No matter which capital city you live in around Australia, Everguide provides a complete list of events and then let’s you plan, personalise and share what you plan to do, all with the stroke of a few buttons.

This intelligent App provides you with the ability to search over 15,000 current and future event listings across Australia covering all genres of music, entertainment, arts and culture. It also makes you feel like a local in an unfamiliar city by providing up to date minute news, reviews and photo galleries. For the frequent flyer, you can personalise the service by selecting your personal taste in music genres and events, Everguide will then flag the events of your choice directly to you.

Some of the Apps functions include:

Guides: This section groups together customised event content into one tab.
Real time interaction: Allows you to broadcast your experience and upload photos.

Nearby: Allows you to pinpoint an area and updates you on events that are happening there. Near me: When heading to a new town or suburb and want to find out what’s on simply type in the town’s name and you will receive maps and a list of events.
Singapore Guide App

The answer to all things Singapore is now in your pocket. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or in town for the first time, you’ll discover how easy it is to find and enjoy the things you love with this official travel app. Especially when you’re out there creating YourSingapore experience.

Data charges for downloading this app, however, still apply. Nevertheless, you can utilise the 30MB free data provided by the StarHub Preferred Tourist Prepaid Card to download this app as well as fulfill your other surfing needs. You can also download it for free at any Wi-Fi hotspots in Singapore.

Singapore has lots to offer that will leave you spoilt for choice. Which is why we sorted the things to see and do based on your interests. Just to help you explore with delight and ease. And if you have something exact in mind, you can also find it very quickly with our robust search engine.

Get the StarHub Preferred Tourist Prepaid Card at just $15 to enjoy free use of this app. With this prepaid card, you will also be entitled to exclusive merchant privileges and FREE IDD018 rates to 18 destinations.

Getting around Singapore is easy, made it even easier by providing effortless directions to wherever you want to be. You can even call a taxi straight from our app. What’s not to love about that?

Postino Postcards

You may be travelling with the latest tech gear and be similarly connected to most of your friends, BUT your grandparents, or that local friend you made in some remote part of the world may not be. here is a way to make and send a personalised  'snail mail' postcard from your smartphone. It is also interesting to note that even tech savvy folks like to receive traditional postcards, quite a trendy thing to do it seems.

Take out your iPhone or Android, launch Postino, create a real postcard with yourself in the photo and send it to your friends and family!
We don't just mean send an "e-card" (although Postino can do that too).
We mean send a "real, physical postcard".
That's right, we print your postcards on super high-quality paper, and send them worldwide (4/5 business days for Italy, USA and for most European countries).

* Snap a new photo or pick one from the library.
* Photo can be zoomed and positioned accurately.
* You can download only the frames that you like.
* Draw a message, signature or picture with your finger.
* Optionally include your GPS location in the postcard.
* Physical postcards are printed on super high-quality paper.
* Easily check the delivery status of your postcards.

Download this audio tour narrated by the legend himself!!

Around Me App

Find a range of services near your current location. These include restaurants, banks and ATMS, hospitals and local weather. The app is visual and easy to understand, and can be displayed either as a list or on a map.


Currency Converter App

This is the leading currency converter app. Don’t make a mistake with your shopping prices or get ripped off by getting the conversion wrong. It is also a great tool before you leave to work out the Australian Dollar value for hotel prices, tours and anything else quoted in the local currency.



Translation App

Translate over 50 languages on the go. You can type in a sentence to translate on the screen or say it out loud. 

Even better, if you can't understand what someone is saying in another language, it will translate this back into English.


LoveThis (free, iPhone)

LoveThis can be described as ‘your little black book of recommendations’. It stores all those great tips (from cafes, bars, hotels, attractions, restaurants and more) you get from friends and family in easy-to-access (and share) lists. So you no longer have to worry about trying to find where you put that scrap of paper with the name of that beach bar your cousin told you about... Simply open the app and look it up.

Pack the Bag (free, iPhone)

Make sure you don’t start (and potentially end!) your holiday with the stress of forgetting something important. Pack the Bag allows you to easily create personalised lists to ensure you have everything you need. It even allows you to import and export lists via Dropbox and email. So there is no excuse to forget your passport ever, ever again.

Pocket (free, iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle)

Pocket lets you store websites and articles on your phone so that when you lose connection during your journey or on the beach, you can still catch up on what you didn’t have time to read in the departure lounge. Some call it the Pinterest for reading. Worth a look if you aren’t one for reading full books on your device.

JetLag Genie (a cost, iPhone)

Only the luckiest travellers among us are fortunate enough to not be affected by jet lag. And for those with tight schedules nothing is worse than missing out on the splendours of travel than being half asleep during the visit. But there’s an app for that! JetLag Genie helps you plan your sleeping habits before, during and after a trip to minimise jet lag. It even gives tips on how much sunlight to expose yourself to.

Wood Camera (a cost, iPhone)

It may not be half as well known as Instagram, but those who have played with Wood Camera are usually completely smitten. The ‘Vintage Photo Editor’ has more options and extras than Instagram, including allowing you to view through filters while taking pictures. It lacks the social sharing aspect of Instagram, but more than makes up for it with its deeper offering of technical features – perfect for budding travel photographers.

Kindle Reader (free, all major mobile devices supported)

Many people aren’t aware you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy the e-book experience. The free Kindle Reader app allows you access to the vast Kindle library. For those who have a Kindle and don’t want to lug it to the beach, you can also sync the app with your personal library. Meaning one less expensive thing to worry about dropping in the sand.

Space Junk Pro (A cost: iPhone, Android, iPad)

Many of us never get to see the stars in the night sky as the light pollution of our home town or city blot the view. However, on holidays we often find ourselves free to view the full majesty of the sky. Sadly, most of us can't tell our Great Bear from our Big Dipper. Space Junk Pro uses your location and the time to give you a pinpoint explanation of what shines above you. A great way to learn something while enjoying yourself.

Wi-Fi Finder

Apple, Android
With its database of over 890,000 free and pay Wi-Fi hotspots in 145 countries, Wi-Fi Finder allows you to easily track down your nearest public Wi-Fi connection. The app helps cut down on painful data charges whilst also giving you alternatives to simply diving into the nearest Starbucks. The app lets you filter by types of location, so whether you're looking for a library, a cup of Joe or a bite to eat, Wi-Fi finder will provide you with ample choices