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Fram Museum Oslo

Dedicated to the worlds first Ice Safe ship.
Carried Amundsun to his journey to the South Pole. Museum also dedicated to the explorers of both the Artic and Antarctic who used this ship. Click to view.


Sydney Heritage Fleet

National Maritime Museum

Kon Tiki Museum Oslo

Dedicated to the explorations by Thor Heyerdhal and in particular the Kon Tiki raft journey. Click to view.

Viking Ship Museum Oslo

The title says it all. Click to view. 

Roald Amundsens Hjem "Uranienborg"

Roald Amundsens vei 192,
N-1420 Svartskog,

Roald Amundsen's house was given to the State in 1934 and subsequently opened as a memorial museum.

“Open air museum” al Galata di Genova


Galata, Museum of the Sea  Genoa


The “Open air museum” project has began, the biggest museum of the Mediterranean dedicated to the sea and to navigation.

Angara Icebreaker Museum Irkutsk Russia

The only preserved icebreaker from Lake Baikal - dates from 1900

Krasin Icebreaker Museum

St Petersburg Russia