The Knowledge Bank

The links provided below allow you to be more fully informed about where you are going and what you may require to travel safely and informed. In addition, you can refer to this page whilst you are on your travels should you suddenly need information.

Please note that we do not construct the site our page links through to. At the time of linking the site was relevant. Should you experience a problem with one of the sites please advise us by email.
Handy Tools

The Universal Currency Converter

The Time Zone Page, has the current time for 606 cities, worldwide. About unusual variances in time zones.

Travlang is proud to offer many free on-line translating dictionaries.

Embassies worldwide. Need to find that Embassy or consulate?

Need to find that international dialling code? And then the number of someone - virtually anywhere in the world?

US Visa registration -BEFORE YOU FLY!!

ATM Locator - it had to happen!

World Wide Weather

Public Holidays The world
Use this site and its calculator to see virtually all world public holidays.

What voltage and which plug does %&*(@# have?

Diabetic Travellers, Yes quite a few extra preparations for a diabetic traveller. this site helps.

Research Library

Events Worldwide,
find details of locations, dates, and how to get tickets for leading, unusual, and exotic arts sports, entertainment and special events around the world.

World Heritage Listed Cities: Web directory to improve your destination research.

Great Campsites: in the UK and France. Website that will help you find great places for tens, or campervans.


For the really desperate!!
The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports

International Toilets

Relating to Australia

Australian Customs department.

Melbourne Airport information

Toilet map - I kid you not! The whole of Australia. This is for those amongst us who feel more comfortable being able to plan their travels.

Travel Scams

All over the world there are 'scams' designed to extract you from your travel funds. Certain  underdeveloped countries have substantial reputations, but you can still be burnt in your home country. We will add examples to our list and welcome details from readers.

Airline Related

A web site dedicated to Airline Meals! Check out food from Aeroflot in the 1970's to 'you name it they are there' food today!'

Jet Lag Advisory Web site
BA have done it again, first for sleeper seats in Business class, serve Real Ale and now a website so that you get advise on how to beat Jet lag!

Sleeping at Airports
Desperate stuff if you do this to save money. Sometime a necessity.
A general website that cover the subject and has done since 1996.

An innovative approach by the Germans. Napcabs, beating the Japanese who were the Kings of modular sleeping capsules until this! It seem Munich airport now has these.

Ancestry Family Tree Genealogy

This can be why you are travelling, or could become a part of what you are doing while overseas. Most people find it fascinating to visit somewhere 'foreign' that has a direct connection to themselves. this new website helps you see where you came from and plan where you can go to explore your personal history.