Disabled/Impaired Travel

Travel need not be the sole realm of a fully physicall able person. People with disabilities travel every year and I have met many throughout my own personal travels. We, as a tour company have carried people with disabilities on our group tours and made independent travel arrangements for others who have tackled adventures on their own.

The following piece of technological development will make a big difference for those with a visual impairment. It can be used by a person who does not travel, but opens up more of the world to those that choose to travel with a visual impairment


Now here's a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. LookTel is an object identifier - you point it at something and it tells you what it is. You can teach it to recognize new objects and by aiming it at a product, the program can tell what it is using real speech and when you need to ID something on the fly, you can stick on an image sticker and read that sticker. It's more or less a barcode and QR scanner with some image recognition thrown in, but it really could be a boon to those with failing - or failed - eyesight. Click through for a video and a bit more on the product


Handicapped Travel in Germany

With the motto “barrier-free tourism,” Germany offers plenty of holiday opportunities for handicapped persons – there are increasing numbers of barrierfree accommodation, activities and service facilities from farm houses to first-class hotels, from active to relaxing holidays.

A number of organizations and societies in Germany can advise people with handicaps. For example, the Bundesverband Selbsthilfe Körperbehinderter e.V. (BSK) offers travel for physicallyhandicapped persons, each of whom is accompanied by an assistant. Comprehensive information is in a brochure that can be ordered from the BSK website

The national coordination point of Tourismus für Alle e. V. provides a central collection site for questions on the theme travel without barriers. Packages and addresses of travel-advisory offices are listed on their web page

The Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Clubs Behinderter und ihrer Freunde e. V.

(Clubs for Handicapped Persons and Their Friends) provides a list of guide books to German cities for handicapped people – it can be found in on their web site.