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Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 2:23 AM
To: Helen Fuge
Subject: Hello from Kashan

Dear Helen

Writing this in a lovely restaurant in Kashan. We are having a splendid time in Iran. Seen so many wonderful sites, the weather has been kind to us and everything is going according to plan. Iran has exceeded our expectation; it is all you said it would be and more. The people are so warm and friendly. The food is fabulous and the ice cream is to die for. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.
Kind regards
Les and Helen

On 26 January 2013 20:37, Greg Taylor  wrote:


I have just arrived in Bombay, my last stop, and have thus used the last of the hotel vouchers and train tickets you supplied me with. Everything has gone like clockwork and all the hotels were at least very good - some wonderful. Many thanks for making all arrangements so well!

Best regards, Greg Taylor

Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 10:18 PM
To: Marie Pickering
Subject: RE: Myanmar

Hi Marie, Just wanted to let you know we have arrived safely back home after an amazing trip to Myanmar! We would like to thank you, Brent and the other staff members who helped us with having a wonderful experience. The travel guides were amazing as everything went like clock work! The guides were all excellent and went out of their way to be helpful. We forgot to give our feedback form to the final guide so please pass on our positive comments to them. Thanks again, regards, Philip and Maree Kostos

02 August 2012

Hello Brent
You will be very relieved to learn that our stay in Bareges was most satisfactory, so thank you very much for all the work you put into finding our accomm, etc. I realise it was at least 10 times as time-consuming as it should have been and that you will never try it again for anyone (I wouldn"t) but at least you can tell people that Bareges is a great place to see the Tour from. We watched it from the main street and waved our enormous Cadel banner - and have tv footage to prove it- only a few minutes walk from our flat. The crowd around us appeared to be mostly Spanish but there were a few Aussies as well.
The scenery at Bareges was stupendous so we didn't leave its environs much, ie went for lots of walks with great views, watched boules every afternoon, etc. Went to Gavarnie Cirque one day, and when we left Bareges went via the Col de Tourmalet, which was of course beautiful but scary to drive up.

You could indeed recommend our accommodation to anyone. It was very comfortable. As for the locals, they seemed small, wizened and very brown (all that skiing I suppose) but I think theie brain cases are the same as ours. The woman in the Travel Agency was a bit weird but I just didnt want to know if she was Carole or not, just took the key and escaped.
Please thank Philippe for us and tell him all his trouble proved worthwhile in the end. Being French maybe he wasn't very concerned with the  agency's nonsense. I think perhaps the French don't expect things to run smoothly the way we do. When we told one very nice woman in Mirepoix that we had been given an underserved parking fine she just laughed and said Welcome to France. Anyway, until next trip (?) au revoir,  Best wishes, Celia

From: Sue
Sent: Tuesday, 22 September 2009 9:49 AM
Subject: RE: Itinerary

Morning Brent,

Just a quick note to say that we are now back from overseas – and the two hotel recommendations you gave were terrific!  Prague hotel was just lovely, and very quite.  Also Vienna – their staff in particular were terrific, and the room very nice.

Thanks for your help Brent.


From: Denis
Sent: Thursday, 13 August 2009 6:55 PM

To: Helen Fuge


I found the country to be too dry for me. and the same as chına they have a bıg pollutıon problem. but apart from all that we dıd enjoy the experıence. the aççomodatıon was reasonable hotels ın tehran and yazd were fırst class. SHIRAZ was the pıck of the towns. EVERYTHING WORKED OUT WELL HELEN ı wıll drop mın and say hello when ım ın melbourne. good luck for now denıs. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

Oxford, Mick 11/10/2007
In Europe:
Hi Brent,

We're almost done. About to leave Leipzig for Wiesbaden. Trip has been excellent. Grimma region (and your secret small hotel) a definite highlight. Wolfgang says to say hello. Tell you more when I get home.

Regards, Mick.

Christine Burgess
Tue 24/07/2007 11:53 PM

Hi Brent, we are back in Oz after having a fantastic trip - even though the intrepid trip was a bit disappointing - a very very very inexperienced leader who didn't have much idea which was a shame - but despite that our trip from Vienna to St. M. went well re overnight sleeper/train & train changes and our room at St. M. was lovely with the gorgeous views of the lake.  Enjoyed the Glacier Express to Zermatt and our hotel nice although I requested a room change (could barely see the Matterhorn thru the two trees right in front of the balcony)!!!!  Richard up at 5.30am to get some shots of the mountain which he got but he probably could have spent some more time sleeping as the day turned out beautiful and I am forwarding a photo I took on our way to the chair lift which took us up to Glacier Paradise. - Richard not impressed as he does not like cats!! but I couldn't resist.  Wonderful up the top of the mountain even though the weather  blew up.  The day we trained it to Lauterbrunnen it poured rain all day and it didn't look as though we would be doing the Jungfrau.  As soon as we arrived (we had the most beautiful view from our room - counted 9 water falls coming from the mountains) we headed out to Trummelbach Falls where part had been closed coz of all the rain.  Can't believe how scary it was inside that mountain - the water just poured and thundered down.  Next morning up at 6.30am, breakfast, and a quick look at satellite images Ursula showed us (she was so lovely) of the mountain and off we went with our newly acquired Swiss walking sticks to catch the train hoping for a reasonable day weather wise.   We were blessed with the most beautiful day and had the most wonderful time up the mountain - we walked in the snow to the old hut up the top, took heaps of photos and had a ball - no time for any walking on the way down as we spent most of the time up the top.  Just want you to know that it was wonderful and all worked out well.  We arrived in Paris without any hitches only to get on the Met and have 3 guys try to pick pocket Richard - thankfully they didn't get a thing - but we were a bit jumpy for the next couple of days.  Our car hire went well with B&B in England, Scotland and Ireland and we had a couple of great nights in the Irish Pubs - sang a couple of Eric Bogle songs/ Leaving Nancy and And The Band Played Walzing Mathilda - a bit of a tear jerker being away from home!!

Thanks for your suggestions and organizing - we really did enjoy it. AND you were right - our pockets will never be the same - a long time dead though!!! 


Hi Helen,  Sorry I have not got back sooner but last years trip made a big hole in the year.

My thanks for the Mongol experience that you arranged for me on the way to Germany.  The Forts, Palaces, sights and smells, and the daily travel was something I will remember for the rest of my life.  The very personalized itinerary worked very well for me - As a person with occasional physical limitations being able to say that I had had enough for that day and needed to rest for a few hours was just fantastic.

The train travel was an experience in itself, and being put on the train and knowing that someone was there at the other end of the journey; overall it was a real luxury that a group departure could never have satisfied.

All in all I highly value your experience and advice and expertize in setting it all up for me.

All the best and till next time,


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From: The McMullens
Sent: Tuesday, 14 February 2006 7:15 PM
To: Paul Ryan
Dear Paul,
It has taken sometime to process our trip and come back down to reality.
Our tour of Egypt and Jordan was fantastic. The other people on the tour were great travelling companions and we had a lot of laughs. Mary says it is her favourite trip so far, and that is saying something especially since her embarrassing parents were on the tour with her.
It is virtually impossible to select a favourite site or monument as they were all outstanding and immensely enjoyable.  The Nile from Luxor to Aswan was everything we dreamed it would be.  Many times we were overwhelmed by the history, antiquity and beauty of Egypt.  Passion for this country and its ancient culture has been flamed by this short sojourn, and it will be one that won't easily be quenched.
The Nabataen city of Petra was magnificent with its mystical siq leading to the ethereal Khazneh.  If anything we felt that the Jordanian part of the tour was a little rushed. Our hotel accommodation was very comfortable and we certainly appreciated that after our daily excursions. We would like to thank you, and all at Passport Travel for making this fabulous tour available to us and also thank you to the following:
-  Our gracious and amiable escort Mr. Gamal Darwish, who responded well under pressure especially with getting us on the boat to Aqqaba.
-  Mr. Amro Mounir our guide, whose passion for Egyptology and his country certainly rubbed off on us. He, like so many of the Egyptian people
   we met had a wonderful, delightful, wicked sense of humour and a quick wit.
-  Mustafa, our Mt Sinai guide, who was like a long lost friend.
-  Mohammad, our Jordanian guide who was a congenial gentleman.
-  All the drivers especially Suleiman who was our favourite and also the best driver in all situations.
-  Mr. Mohamed Kamel and the staff from Lady Egypt Tours who kept the tour running smoothly so we could all have the experience of a lifetime.
We have sent a cd of photos to you addressed to Gamal and you should feel free to use any of them in any way you wish. With regard to suggestions for future trips; the train journey to Alexandria may have been a cost saver but had little else to recommend it. The apparent conflict of interest re the merchandising, oils, papyrus, etc. This is a difficult area, as one would not begrudge Lady Egypt the right to usher their tourist to their own outlets, however some of their prices were double the market. The tourist builds a level of confidence in their guide and may question that when presented with an overpriced item which the guide says is good value. Caveat emptor !!! We will certainly recommend this tour to anyone who will listen and feel it offers excellent value for money. If your other services equal this then our family and friends should ensure a continuing relationship,
Warm regards
Kerrie, Ron and Mary


Please put me on your list for flights to Avalon 2007 - the 2005 (Ed note: major airshow near Melbourne to which we fly enthusiasts in by DC3) experience was just sensational, and I wouldn't want to miss out next year!

Alf Batchelder


Hi Brent & Staff,

                        At last had time to browse your ‘travelcentre’ website. It is absolutely fantastic. Very informative, well set out with links and the images of tours offered made me drool and become very restless. Will definitely direct all my travelling friends to the site.

Val Quirk