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Some recent 'observations from the rail'

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The train trip

from Mongolia to Irkutsk (Russia) was interesting. Our cabin mates were 2 Mongolian fellows in their 40's, one who spoke reasonable English and enjoyed a good laugh.... also the whole leg of lamb he brought in his rucksack made our 'pot noodles' look pretty ordinary.

On our last night in Irkutsk I brought out the football, and had a game with some local kids. They were fascinated, and one boy was quite skilful, he was kicking drop-punts and handballing like he had done it all his life.... I'm just a great teacher! Later a drunken Russian man came up to us, rambled on for a few minutes then asked for my autograph, gave us both a hug and left! He must have thought I was Wayne Carey!! - Ed note An Australian football personality

Russia has certainly learnt how to monopolise the tourist dollar.... all it needs to do now is improve its PR skills by about 3000%. The people did their best to avoid helping us.... and the sour-faced women working most attractions (Ed notes - as ticket sales and 'room guards') was so bad it was funny. We kept smiling at them... but we couldn't crack 'em!


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Again Helen thanks for advance booking us that restaurant you knew. Boy we were lucky we got in"!  Sheila & George.......

"And the room service was so attentive"!
Mary O'Brian......

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"Helen the transfer taxi you booked arrived on time and what a charmer the driver was"!!  
Sheila & George......

"Hello Brent, thanks for the great room you found us. the ambience was second to none"!  Mary O'Brian.....

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"Hi good folk at Passport Travel. Thanks for finding us something when there really was 'No room at the Inn'".
Sally & Jane........

All roads lead to Passport Travel

'Great views, lovely long walk, see you soon! Don't know if I can return' xoxo'