Payment Method

Direct deposit to our account is the preferred method.

Bank = ANZ Bank

= 150 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern 3144 Australia

Name of Account = Passport Travel Trust Account

Bank Number/Sort Code = 013350

Account Number = 938491736

If required the Swift code is; ANZBAU3M

Our address details;

Passport Travel
Lvl 1, 12-14 Glenferrie Rd
Vic 3144

By Credit Card:

For those that prefer you can download this PDF file which is a Credit Card Debit Authority. This can be faxed, or sent by email scan attachment. Click here to download.

For those happy to beam us credit card details by traditional email please contact us to discuss. A good security method is to send CC details in 3 emails: 1st and 2nd halves in first 2 emails and the then expiry and security code in 3rd.

Where applicable low credit card fees apply. 1% on Visa and Mastercard. 1.8% (inc GST) on Amex and 2.5% for Diners

By traditional cheque..

The 'old paper check' can still work. We now only accept cheques in AU$.
These can also be in the form of a, personal or bank cheque.
However, this method does take longer (to clear) and you must take this into consideration.


Yes, but only here at the office!

Timeshare exchanges

No, thanks for the offer!