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INDIA: recently whilst driving through some areas of India this editor snapped a few of classic 'Indian Style' signs that have ecology undertones. The first is above and the second is at the bottom of this page.
We all must make an effort to minimise the effect that travelling has on other cultures and the environment. 'Tourism' and this includes 'Travellers', is an industry that is not going to 'go away', nor reduce in numbers. Therefore the purveyors and the consumers of travel must be cognisant of what impact their actions have on this world. By illuminating worthwhile activities, accommodation and visitor sites, we hope to further yours and our knowledge of what has become known as 'Eco Tourism'.

We welcome your suggestions as to suitable sites to highlight here;

Eco Tours:  Tourism related recycling: National parks: Eco friendly Land Transport: Eco Hotels and Resorts:

Ideas to practice in an effort to minimise your impact.

Visit this page to get some simple ideas we all can do to minimise our impact.

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Indicator of Global climate changes:
This link takes you to a European web site where you can see before and now pictures of European glaciers...Significant changes!
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Can you be a sustainable tourist without giving up flying?

Offsets made simple

Each time we heat our homes, take a flight or drive the car, CO2 is added into the atmosphere. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is released when fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal are burnt.

Offsetting means paying someone to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by the same amount that your activities add. In this way you can 'neutralise' or 'balance' the CO2 added by your activities.

Climate Care offsets your CO2 by funding projects around the world. These can be in:

  • Renewable energy – this replaces non-renewable fuel such as coal
  • Energy efficiency – this reduces the amount of fuel needed
  • Forest restoration – this absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as the trees grow

So as well as taking steps to reduce your 'carbon footprint' you can offset what remains, helping to promote low-carbon technologies where they make the most impact. Click logo picture above to visit website and the personal calculator.


Discarded airplane parts are being used to produce accessories from purses and pouches to clutches and carry-on’s.

The United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) demands that airplane seat covers be removed from use after nine washes, as they begin to lose their fire retardant coating, Jaunted reported.

North Carolina-based company, Tierra Ideas, turn this trash into treasure, constructing duffle bags, messenger bags, laptop sleeves, and other travel bags from surplus seat covers, seatbelts and more.

Just don’t forget your bag next time you fly, as it’ll probably blend in with its surroundings.

  Las Vegas trying to go Green? How could this be??

Computer Equipment Recycling:

By you reading this page you are a member of the world wide computer 'club'. upgrading of computers has never been so rapid.
What do you do with the old P.C.?
And this includes your PDA's and 'Computer Phone' combo's.
The following list relates to Australia. We would welcome suggestions for similar organisations in other countries.

Computer Recycling:
COMPUTER BANK: Providing computers to communities with need - Australian and Overseas. Parts that cannot be reused are stripped and processed correctly. Donations of equipment, and funds, are sought.
Click to visit
If the physical location of the above office does not suit here is a list of other computer equipment recyclers in Australia.
Click to view
Mobile Phone Recycling
Upgrading to a new phone? Make sure the old one is recycled.
If you are in Australia Click Here.

Solar power rechargers - light and compact.

IcarClub  Car Sharing in Singapore. You as an owner can have your car rented by the hour. If you do not have, or need a car there will always be one somewhere you can get for that special need. Currently trialling in Singapore the brains behind this E-Venture are looking at places like Shanghai next. Makes sense from the congestion point of view. One hopes the driving skills are up to it so as to minimise damage to cars!!


Gaia - Eco Travel related newsletter
Gaia Discovery sniffs out environmental-related news and captures inspirational life stories.  It also zooms in on people, sometimes ordinary people, who make a difference. Planet's a curious place and there's a lot going around than what meets the eye.

Untold travel stories, unchartered territories and harmonious simplicity with mother earth. Precious heritage. We hope to bring you exciting tales based on personal experience so that you know you’re not simply relying on a glossy brochure when you head out to foreign lands.

Why Gaia?
Gaia, the name of the Greek earth goddess, is used to describe the self-regulating state of the earth as formulated in the 1960s by Dr James Lovelock, an independent research scientist. Lovelock’s theory explains the Gaia hypothesis , which later became referred to as the Gaia Theory.

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