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Couple declines free holiday after US$1,000 restaurant bill..

A Japanese couple has turned down the offer of a free trip to Italy, after they complained about a EUR700 (US$1,000) restaurant bill during a previous trip to the country. According to a Guardian report, Yasuyuki Yamada thanked Italy’s Tourism Minister for the compensatory offer, but said the trip would be a “useless way to spend Italian tax-payers’ money”.

Mr Yamada and his fiancée complained to police after they received the bill at the Il Passetto restaurant in Rome. The same restaurant had received a similar complaint from another Japanese couple a few weeks earlier, the report added.

We would suggest that this is one restaurant to avoid...and pass the message on to others.

When travelling a substantial part of ones time and budget is spent on the above four items. Over time and through these pages we hope to learn from you, and pass on from us, some of the best places, drinks, snacks, food that can be found on ones travels.

We welcome suggestions and stories from you travels. the worst, the best, the most unusual. Click here and report..

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