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Wheels and Warbirds. Museum and 'Diner'. Situated at Wanaka Airfield New Zealand you can enjoy coffee and a quick lunch surrounded by some classic car and aircraft! For those that have been to the airshow, Warbirds Over Wanaka may have visted the then operating 'New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum. This diner come museum is housed in the same building. In addition to some new exhibits there is of course the only Hurricane in the Southern Hemisphere. yes the aircraft restored by Tim Wallis and his crew of Air New Zealand engineers and associated enthusiasts. they even had a violin maker working on some of the finer woodwork required for the airframe!


The Skyhawk was first produced in 1954 and remained in production for some 25 years in which time a total of 2,960 of the aircraft were built. The Skyhawk was designed by Douglas Aircraft Company chief designer Ed Heinmemann to US Navy specifications.

The Skyhawk had a couple of distinctive features including a short wingspan and rearward lowering undercarriage. The light-weight fighter bomber saw active service in a number of global conflicts including the Vietnam War, the Falklands War and the Gulf War.

In the mid-1960s New Zealand began the search for a replacement for it's Vampire and Canberra combat jets. In June 1968 the Government approved the purchase of 14 Skyhawks. The price paid was just over $NZ24 million which included spare parts, support equipment and training. The first of the aircraft arrived by sea in Auckland in 1970 and were then made ready for flying at Whenuapai airbase before being flown to Ohakea where they were based with 75 Squadron.

The Skyhawks were flown by the RNZAF until 2001 when they were decommissioned and put up for sale. There were a few buyers interested over the years but no deal could be put together and eventually in 2011 the decision was made to dispose of the aircraft. A number of them have been gifted to museums around New Zealand, including Warbirds and Wheels at Wanaka Airport.

The Skyhawk A-4K on display at Warbirds and Wheels was one of the original batch which arrived in 1970. One of those to pilot NZ6202 during its term of service was Flying.

This editor can remember the arrival of the Skyhawk in 1970. They made a 'tour of the realm' and I vividly recall standing on the back lawn of my parents home to see this sleek (And at last modern looking) jet scream over Christchurch at low altitude. Fast forward and I enjoyed introducing the RNZAF Skyhawks to my young son at an early Avalon Airshow. As with the Vampire New Zealand got the most out of this wonderful example of aircraft, evidenced by its long service life.

The Skyhawk saw action in other theatres as well. I was trekking in the Sinai Desert of Egypt in 1982 and one of our fellow hikers turned out to be an Israeli fighter pilot on leave from the invasion of southern Lebanon happening at this time. He noted my interest in aviation and basic knowledge about the Skyhawk. Gradually he 'loosened' up a bit and told me he flew the Skyhawk and had been doing so in the above mentioned conflict. At the time they were, he claimed, a very effective and versatile low altitude flight bomber with stunning flight capabilities.



The diner is designed using original 1950's decor imported from the U.S. and sourced from around New Zealand. The classic car collection adds to the overall ambiance.



Just walking distance from this diner is the well established Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum. The museum is the result of one manís dream and 50 years of collecting and preserving pieces from the past. The transport collection boasts rare and unusual aircraft, cars, trucks, motorcycles, fire appliances, military vehicles and tractors.

You may have to plan more than the time required to have lunch!


Flying Tigers Restaurant

45-48 Xiangyun Jie, Kunming, Yunnan China
Phone: (0871) 3169788,3332993

Located in the old headquarters of the legendary Flying Tigers, this restaurant serves authentic Yunnan and Cantonese dishes in a dining environment that revives the spirit of Kunming in the early 1940s.
A380 In-Flight Kitchen (Taipei)

Named after the Airbus A380, largest airliner in the world

Address: 168, Dingzhou Rd Sec 3,
Taipei City (台北市汀州路三段168號)
Tel: (02) 2367-3928
Open: Daily from 11:30am to 10pm