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Welcome to the World Flight Centre your discount flight website where you can search for your cheap flights and book online.
In today’s world of internet cheap flights it is reassuring to work with;

  • an established world flight centre

  • has the bricks behind the clicks

  • official ATAS accreditation.

  • Low credit card fees with flights

  • point redemption for flights - American express points redemption

    All this and you still get cheap web airfares. For all discount economy, business class and first class airfares. Backpacker through to royalty and rock stars, flights for all at our World Flight Center.

What is your carbon emission impact when travelling?
An important point these days. Learn what your trips impact is and how you can work to offset your footprint.


You can use our 24/7 web based airline booking system, or contact us by email and phone.  

We are used to dealing with the unusual, having been to some weird and remote airstrips and Some of us have braved some weird airlines – others, sensibly caught the train! This experience means we can also work out those unusual airfares. 

  • multi stop

  • round world

  • complicated itineraries

  • airpasses.

It is best to contact us for these types of fare constructions as web site systems (any) are not designed to fully cover these. In addition to the above list, another example would be unaccompanied children. No website booking system we have seen actually TELLS the airline they are unaccompanied. There are a few extra booking procedures to ensure the booking is correctly registered and means safe procedures are in place.

There are so many changes - every day :( - to airfares and not all can be reflected on 'airfare' web sites. Even in today’s electronic world there are still some ‘Word of Mouth Fares’ exclusive to us for certain destinations. We can also advise on frequent flyer point advantages to certain airfare combinations. A lot of very cheap flights don’t offer frequent flyer points and sometimes what may look to be a more expensive flight is not when you get to use the points. This might mean the difference between a sensible departure time and an ungodly one!

Although we are based in Australia our web site reservations offer flights virtually anywhere. New York to London, Tokyo to Beijing, there is something for all and can you believe the prices!! Remember the costs are shown in Australian Dollars.

These next videos show how it could be, out there in airline world!

  How things could be

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