Lesley Foggin whilst having done the obligatory O.E (Overseas Experience). in the 70's is now completing lifes right of travel passage and enjoying an E.S. (Extended Sabbatical). Her husband received an amazing engineering contract placement to London (where they met), which is currently home to their daughter and the first grandchild - no more need be said, tick every box!

She grew up in Melbourne, but her real education started when she ventured overseas in the helicon early 70's to London for the obligatory post graduate course in 'Living away from home and enjoying the fruits of fashionable London'. Her 'study' time lasted 4 years before she ventured back home to pursue some formal education in Applied Art.

Living overseas proved a great attraction to Lesley! Fast forward to 1987 and of she went with husband and kids in tow for four years residency in Turkey. Another year in the UK followed. So, you can see a good basis of practical expereince which she put to good use when she decided to join the travel industry. Lesley works with our groups department on a part time basis - too busy travelling with her grown family to be full time!!


Cuba: Lesley and local Amigo!   New York Opera at the Met with friends of course!


Recent family visit to Myanmar. Orphanage in Yangon.