Norway is know as the Land of the Midnight Sun! But its so much more than that.

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Every spring Norwegians are out there preparing their country for your visit!!

Suggested Driving Itineraries Norway

These 2 itineraries are primarily for motorists, but public transportation is available. Take for instance the North Cape Tour. You can fly to Kirkenes, or take the train to Fauske, continue by bus and return on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. There may not always be planes and trains available, but there is always a bus service. The tours below are just suggestions. Anyone can make up their own itinerary, based on their own preference and the time available. In our itineraries we have only indicated attractions en route. The Norwegian Tourist Board regrets it does not have the capacity to assist with individual journey planning. However, we do recommend certain publications which will enable motorists to draw up itineraries tailor-made to their own preferences. Ferry distances have not been calculated in the overall distance of the following tours.

Mountain Tour

Expect a week for this tour.                            

Attractions on the route include: Kongsberg with its old silver mines. The stave churches of Numedal. The open-air museum at Fagernes. The road through Jotunheimen, where it reaches 1389 m.a.s.l Lake Gjende – boat trip recommended. River Sjoa with the Ridderspranget gorge and exciting rafting. The excursion to Mount Blaho 1618m in Vaga. The view of Rondane from Folldal. The old mining town Roros. Lake Femunden between mountains and pine-clad heath. The vast forests of Trysil. The forest- and Glomdal museums at Elverum. The Ruin Park and Railway Museum in Hamar. Lake Mjosa with the world’s oldest paddle-wheeler – boat tour recommended. Oslo and the Oslo Fjord.

Larvik-Geilo 260 km


50 km


175 km
Randen-Otta 38 km
Otta-Hjerkinn 78 km


67 km
Alvdal-Tynset-Roros 75 km


196 km
Nybergsund-Hamar 92 km
Hamar-Oslo 123 km
Oslo-Larvik 129 km
Total Kms 1283 km

South Coast and Telemark

This tour can be embarked on in Oslo, Larvik, Kristiansand, Stavanger or Haugesund. It follows the curving coastline, with inviting detours to little towns redolent with the atmosphere of the windjammer age, bathing beaches and camp sites. The length of your stopovers will determine whether you will be en route for four days or four weeks. Even before leaving the Oslo Fjord many interesting detours suggest themselves – to Horten, Tonsberg and Sandefjord, and further on to picturesque Kragero, Risor and Tvedestrand and Arendal. A whole series of delightful little towns are strung out along the E18/E39 – Grimstad, Lillesand, Mandal, Flekkefjord and Egersund. Norway’s southernmost point at Lindesnes and the charming town of Farsund, however, are reached by a side-road. Other attractions along your route are the likely Stavanger, picturesque Skudeneshavn (ferry from Mekjarvik) and the North Sea port of Haugesund, the Ryfylke fjords and Lake Suldal, the mountain pass across Haukeli as well as colourful Rauland and the rugged Vestfjordal in Telemark.

Oslo-Kristiansand 320 km


118 km


152 km


50 km


234 km


177 km


41 km

Total Kms

1132 km

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