Mother Volga the 'Main Artery of Mother Russia'.

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Samara Volgograd Rostov On Don

MS Igor Stravinsky

Classical St Petersburg or Moscow Volga River

3 star cruises  2017

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  Dates Route nights/days
MS Alexander Borodin

23/04 - 12/05

Rostov on Don - St Petersburg


MS Igor Stravinsky 01/05 - 12/05 Rostov on Don - Moscow 11/12
MS Peter Tchaikonsky 08/05 - 24/05 Rostov on Don - Moscow 16/17
MS Igor Stravinsky

09/09 - 20/09

Moscow-Rostov on Don


MS Alexander Borodin 19/09 - 07/10 Moscow-Rostov on Don 18/19


The abovementioned boat and dates represent one of the better value cruise along the Volga. If there is not a date that suits call, or email us , as we have direct access to some other cruise boats which may be scheduled for this route. Different dates and costs will apply.


Song of the Volga Boatmen - Red Army Chorus - Leonid Kharitonov
A bit of 'good old classic soviet era' filming. A famous song, well deserved, sung by a great voice.

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