Old Spanish Trail

Road route across the U.S.A.

This road was built just as the dream of the American road trip took shape. For the first time, really, Americans could get in a car and drive west, west, and further west, until they hit the Pacific and had to wonder if they'd found what they were hoping for. In 1929, 70 percent of the road was paved, "and the rest is good going," an advertising circular promised. Three years before, when just 50 percent was "paved or under contract," Colonel Ed Fletcher drove the entire distance in 75 hours and 33 minutes, averaging 37 miles per hour, in the family Cadillac. The whole trip took a little over a week, and included a 14-mile boat ride across Mobile Bay, ferry trips in New Orleans and Beaumont, Texas, and a stop to take moving pictures in Yuma, Arizona. You should be able to get more details FROM HERE  And HERE.

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