Eagle Hunters Festival Mongolia

This festival happens each year around 03 October.

Day 1:
Transfer from hotel to airport for early morning flight from Ulan Bataar to Ulgii. Met and transferred to hotel. After check in move to festival area. Eagle Festival. Due to arrival time we may go directly to the festival and check in to the hotel later.

A synopsis of the festival programme as presented last year
Opening ceremony 10:00-11:00
Display of traditional dress and horse races
Lunch break
Eagle hunters. They compete for points based on how their individual eagles perform. Speed of response to commands etc.
This will be followed by local Mongolian favourites of archery and camel racing!! In addtion horse riders will compete to scoop up coins from the ground whilst galloping their horses.
Folk Concert at Musical Drama theatre  20:00-21:00

Day 2:
Eagle Festival,.
Todays competitions are where the hunterís ability and their eagles are more fully tested.
An example is where an eagles must catch a fox skin dragged behind their trainerís horse.
Horse races are also part of today's programme - speed orientated. Also control of horses, ie horse moving sideways.
Camel races continue, as you would expect!
Then some specific traditional competitions
Kyz Kuar - A race between a man and woman on horseback 14:00-16:00
Kokbar - Tug of war played on horseback with a goat skin 14:00-16:00
Winners awards ceremony and closing ceremony 16:00-17:00

Day 3:
Tour to Tolbo lake, visit a nomad Kazakh family, spend overnight in ger of a Kazah nomad family.

Day 4:
Return to Ulgi Afternoon flight back to Ulan Bataar, or continue with more programmes in, or from this region.

Note: Further exploration of this region means an extended 'safari' style on horseback, or trekking.

Cost: We quote this for each request as numbers in the part can vary so much. Some want to extend, other don't. To give you an indication from last years costs - 2 persons US$2400 total.

As it has been for 100's of years