Staff Wanderings

Helen: Returned recently from our exploratory tour group to Iraq Kurdistan. We may see a story in the next issue.

Nadine: Has just experienced Antarctica via a flyover - see her story. She also tells you about attractions in Frankfurt.

Megan: Has returned from another support the S.E. Asian economy family holiday. See her story on Singers.

Giuseppe: Took his family back to Sicily for Christmas, but also indulged some southern German Christmas markets!!

Till: Decided, yet again, that the Bangkok restaurants were requiring his patronage!!

Work in Tourism
Bed Warmer, London, UK

Fancy getting into a bed and warming it up for someone? Staff at the The Holiday Inn in Kensington, in London, are expected to don an all-in-one sleeper suit, jump into a guest's bed and 'warm it up' as part of the hotel's five-minute 'human bed warming' service.
'It's like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed,' says Holiday Inn spokeswoman, Jane Bednall.




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Megan and Family Travel in Singapore

My family visited Singapore during the Grand Prix.  Needless to say the place was extremely busy – but lively with a number of people from all over the world.

I highly recommend staying at the YWCA at Fort Canning – an excellent place for families with a pool and a very short walk to the main shopping centre of Orchard Road and Dhoby Gaut Rail stop.  As most people will tell you the public transport system in Singapore is very good!

Sentosa Island with the theme park and water activities was another family favourite. The island is very popular on the weekend so perhaps unless you want to wait over an hour for a ride on a water slide perhaps go on the weekdays!  (Minimum wait time for most rides was half an hour).

Marina Bay Sands is definitely worth going to for the sheer opulence and scale of the buildings.   Families can pay to visit the top of the building, however you are limited to an area away from the pool and facilities so perhaps unless you are interested in the view the price is a little steep.  The Art Science museum was very interesting and both my primary school aged children enjoyed the exhibition from the British Museum. I would also recommend Gardens by the Bay which is a short walk from the Marina Bay Sands, a very enjoyable afternoon.

  Weekend at Historic Sheep Station - and More!  

Australian Farm Station Stay & eco Tours
Genuine 1911 farm Cottage adjacent to high-quality Australian bush within an historic pastoral property. Ideal destination for a country retreat close to renowned tourist attractions.



Mrs Rauscher and a Culinary Discovery in Frankfurt

 Many of you might know Frankfurt, only because of its big Airport, on a stopover when travelling further into Europe. However, it is definitely worth heading into the city on the trail of  local delicacies.

Famous for its local “Ebbelwoi” (Hessian for Applewine), the city even has a whole quarter dedicated to this golden low calorie drink.

Only 25 minutes by Metro from the Frankfurt Airport, one can meander through the narrow lanes “Klappergasse”, “Grosse Rittergasse” and “Kleine Rittergasse” (big and small knights’ lanes) in the Applewine quarter Sachsenhausen. There you will find the traditional restaurants in order to enjoy the local dishes “Frankfurt Green Sauce” or “Handcheese with Music”. The “Green Sauce” being a delicious sauce made out of seven different meadow herbs served with potatoes and eggs and the Handcheese being a sour milk cheese served together with onions (obviously causing the “music” later on).

Whilst walking through the quarter and deciding at which restaurant to feast, a small surprise awaits the guest. This is a bronze figure on a fountain hiding to the side of a lane and sputtering water in intervals onto the street. This is Mrs Rauscher, symbolizing the young applewine fan, but also the story of a woman who lived there in the 17th century. Find out her story’s relationship to the wine, maybe whilst enjoying the meals and some Applewine in Frankfurt’s “Ebbelwoi” quarter on your next trip to Germany!


An unusual Sunday Day Trip: Antarctic Flyover

With only 5 departures a year out of Australia, Antarctica Flights offer a great opportunity to see the seventh continent from a Bird’s eye view. Departing at 8am from Melbourne, we left on a 747-ER (extended range) and enjoyed the all Qantas in-flight services for the next 13hrs. After approx. 4 hours flight, we sighted the first Ice bergs. By now, everyone was excited and no one was sitting anymore. With professors and Antarctica experts on board, lectures were held about interesting facts of this fascinating and isolated continent. We flew along the Antarctic coast, even establishing contact with the Australian research station on land. The radio conversation between the station and the cockpit was transmitted through the PA. Further down the coast, we had a good chance to see two research stations with their ice airstrips and with a good zoom lens the tiny people waving at us could be captured. After flying 4 hours over Antarctica, we headed back on our 4 hours flight back home.

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