Canadian Wild Foods

When a menu has such items as;

Buffalo Venison Frog Elk Ostrich Wild Boar, Caribou and Rattlesnakes you know you arrived at an 'interesting venue'. This is 'country Canada after all. The Grizzly House (there is no Bear on the menu!) in Banff is an institution. It started as a 'Disco and Go GO Club' in the 1960's - I kid you not! I believe this is the only place one can order a, Rattlesnake Fondue. If I am not correct please let me know!

The Fungi Festival British Columbia

Wild food at its best. Learn to identify edible fungi, sample cooked varieties. Worth visiting if you are in the area!

Classic Tastes of Canada

There’s really no better place to start than poutine.
A classic Canadian dish that is made of french fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds and gravy.This makes the ordinary Australian chips and gravy seem like a dismal runner-up.
Bannock is basically a type of griddled bread. You can pretty much use bannock instead of bread in anything.
Tortière is a meat pie originating from Quebec. Usually made with fine diced pork, veal or beef and is a traditional meal to enjoy on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. It can also be bought from supermarkets all year long.
Trust Canadian’s to candy-coat their bacon with icing sugar or maple syrup. Not that we’re complaining!